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Twitching Dinosaurs Remix on Frontpage!

2011-10-26 23:15:10 by GirlStep

I'm so happy right now that I'm going to overlook the fact that they forgot the 's' at the end! ^_^

Twitching Dinosaurs Remix on Frontpage!


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2011-10-30 13:40:17

like i care


2011-11-13 18:58:04

Nice work! I've been checking out your tracks and they're so legit. Thanks to you, I also found lol. So keep up the awesome work, I'll be listening in.

GirlStep responds:


And yeah, is a nice place to get your music featured. My newest song, Obelisk, was put up there and has almost 5k listens and 1k downloads in less than a week. :3


2011-11-16 18:25:44



2011-12-15 23:00:21

it should be promoted on youtube or something even bigger
that song is great and you are skilled
bitchass fags like skrillex should wish sharing their fame for your skills