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New song and my remix featured on!

2011-10-05 17:17:09 by GirlStep

Just released a new song that I've been working with TIMarbury on for the past...I don't know, way too long. Listen to it here!

Also, in even more exciting news, my previous remix of Eric Freeman's WIP that I made with TIMarbury was just featured on! You can read all about it here!

Thanks for reading and have a peachy day! <3

New song and my remix featured on!


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2011-10-05 18:32:22

Suck my dick, Sareth.

GirlStep responds:



2011-10-06 04:58:03

Still using the ol' pattern selector? Stuff is dinosaur bones imho. :P

GirlStep responds:

Still using FL9 because it's way better than 10. :P


2011-10-07 22:19:10

fl 9> fl10

and i didn't even know about this post on the site until my friend showed me LOL!