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I'm so happy right now that I'm going to overlook the fact that they forgot the 's' at the end! ^_^

Twitching Dinosaurs Remix on Frontpage!

X Sentinel and mine's remix of Take Over Control was just voted into the #5 spot for Newground's Best of The Week! Thanks to everyone who voted and reviewed my song to get it this prestigious honor :)

Take Over Control remix is voted Best of The Week!

Just released a new song that I've been working with TIMarbury on for the past...I don't know, way too long. Listen to it here!

Also, in even more exciting news, my previous remix of Eric Freeman's WIP that I made with TIMarbury was just featured on! You can read all about it here!

Thanks for reading and have a peachy day! <3

New song and my remix featured on!

North Face got front paged!? :D

2011-09-20 18:52:52 by GirlStep

I was wondering why the views for mine and TIMarbury's song North Face jumped up to over 2k. Come to find out it's currently on Newgrounds home page! :D

Thanks so much to everyone for all the positive feedback I've been getting on my songs and thanks to the mysterious moderator who front paged this song. You guys are all so awesome!

<3 GS

North Face got front paged!? :D